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Local Authority and Government LIMS


When managing laboratory operations within a government agency or local authority setting, maintaining strict quality control and compliance adherence can be a complex task, particularly when navigating data management and scalability demands.

We automate your critical laboratory processes with our cost-effective Local Authority and Government LIMS solution. LIMS’ is particularly essential for enhancing traceability and compliance. Transform your QC protocols and ensure unmatched data management, all within one system.  

Government LIMS features and modules: 

We recognise the varied laboratory processes seen within the public sector; whether it be environmental processes, public health testing, forensic analysis, or food safety inspections. Each unique setting requires its own digital workflow for a truly automated and seamless data capture process.

This is why our modular AIS government LIMS can be configured to meet your unique applications, including additional QC and compliance verification modules for ultimate compliance adherence.

Our government LIMS software is entirely flexible, our most popular modules include:

  • Sample registration, tracking and scheduling
  • Results entry, validation, and approval
  • Reporting and more

Discover the AIS module portfolio.

In facilities where security is paramount, our LIMS includes stringent data protection methods such as 64-bit encrypted password security, adjustable security profiles, accessibility rights and more. We ensure that your confidential data is always protected.

Government LIMS applications:

For more than three decades, our LIMS has been instrumental in various applications across the public sector. Our LIMS is designed to meet rigorous laboratory testing requirements and seamlessly integrates with a wide range of material types and sample volumes seen within industry testing workflows. Laboratories include: 

  • Forensics
  • Environmental 
  • Food safety and agriculture 
  • Toys

To transform your laboratory processes, choose AIS LIMS

At AIS Ltd, we’re confident that we can transform your government or local authority laboratory. Discover how by booking a free demo with our expert team today, or check at our consultancy service for an initial consultation review. 

“Glasgow Scientific Services, one of the largest Local Authority Public Analyst Services in the UK, has been using AIS LIMS since 2000, processing some 30,000 diverse sample types every year. The initial capital investment in moving to AIS LIMS was quickly recovered by operating in a more efficient and effective manner and we look forward to further developments to AIS LIMS in the years to come.”

Tracy Macbeth – Laboratory Manager

Customer Quotes

Anglia Ruskin University The Salivary Analysis Laboratory within the Department of Psychology

AIS LIMS is now the ‘heart’ of the laboratory dealing as it does with almost every aspect of the saliva samples ‘life cycle’ - from the creation of the barcodes, the entry of the samples into the lab through the analysis of the ELISA data, reporting...

Hampshire Scientific Service Shayne Dyer - Technical Manager & Public Analyst

We’ve had our AIS LIMS system since 2000 and it’s an integral part of our processes. As well as helping to accurately record samples with multiple users, it also helps us track our samples, showing how long it is taking. Reports are highly...

SRUC Ths Scottish Agricultural College

The use of AIS LIMS at nine SAC laboratories plus all four Scottish Public Analyst laboratories and several contract analysis laboratories ensures that AIS maintains a strong presence in Scotland...

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