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Our Testimonials

Tata Global Beverages

Dr. Andrea Petronda

I found AIS extremely professional. They were able to design and implement a fantastic LIMS which has greatly improved our sample turnaround time. The staff were very helpful and accommodating, willing to offer advice and solutions. AIS have supported us for over 20 years. Their support team are always happy to help, offering solutions and suggesting alternative processes to achieve better throughput and faster turnaround times. The team are not pushy with sales, they provided us with the information we required and have left us to make our own decision. It’s been great working with them.

Glasgow Scientific

Tracy Macbeth - Laboratory Manager

Glasgow Scientific Services, one of the largest Local Authority Public Analyst Services in the UK, has been using AIS LIMS since 2000, processing some 30,000 diverse sample types every year. The initial capital investment in moving to AIS LIMS was quickly recovered by operating in a more efficient and effective manner and we look forward to further developments to AIS LIMS in the years to come.

The Environmental Laboratory Ltd

John Wilson - Operations Manager

We installed LIMS from AIS in 2014 and have experienced increased efficiency from day one. Streamlining processes using LIMS ensures we not only process samples more quickly but with less errors too! Key Performance indicators (KPI) have now been implemented and linked to our LIMS system to help monitor staff performance and aid appraisals. It has been instrumental in increasing staff performance across the company. The support from AIS is always rapid, detailed and full of suggestions on how we can use the AIS system to make us more efficient. The User Group Meetings are a particular highlight of the year as we not only learn from the AIS Team but also learn how other companies use the software. It facilitates discussions and ideas where we can all learn from each other.


Ths Scottish Agricultural College

The use of AIS LIMS at nine SAC laboratories plus all four Scottish Public Analyst laboratories and several contract analysis laboratories ensures that AIS maintains a strong presence in Scotland...

Hampshire Scientific Service

Shayne Dyer - Technical Manager & Public Analyst

We’ve had our AIS LIMS system since 2000 and it’s an integral part of our processes. As well as helping to accurately record samples with multiple users, it also helps us track our samples, showing how long it is taking. Reports are highly configurable and flexible to our needs, so we can see the information we need instantly. Having a central system to record and protect data takes away the ‘brain knowledge’, where critical information is stored with key personnel. Nothing is forgotten and the longevity of the systems is safeguarded.

Anglia Ruskin University

The Salivary Analysis Laboratory within the Department of Psychology

AIS LIMS is now the ‘heart’ of the laboratory dealing as it does with almost every aspect of the saliva samples ‘life cycle’ - from the creation of the barcodes, the entry of the samples into the lab through the analysis of the ELISA data, reporting of results and saliva samples leaving us.
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