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Products: LIMS laboratory software

Products: LIMS laboratory software

AIS LIMS is an information management system designed to meet the requirements of a wide range of laboratories and environments. The LIMS software's key features allow for the automation of your laboratory, saving time, money and resources as well as improving the accuracy and quality of the data generated. The productivity and efficiency of the laboratory are enhanced, which in turn improves client satisfaction.

LIMS laboratory software benefits: 

  • Storage of data in a database which is easily accessible
  • Improved management of samples, capacity and turnaround times
  • Increased throughput without the need for additional personnel
  • Automation of equipment saves operator time and allows processes to be streamlined
  • Automation reduces the likelihood of errors which improves accuracy
  • Retests are reduced thus saving time and money
  • Provides various levels of security and audit trails enabling activity to be traced and thus provides accountability
  • Quality control is automated ensuring accuracy and precision of analytical measurements are monitored
  • Reports can be designed and manipulated to suit specific customer requirements and preferences

AIS LIMS laboratory software can be used to meet the requirements of laboratory accreditation schemes such as UKAS, MCERTS and INAB. Regulatory compliance and need for sample traceability and chain of custody demand that laboratories securely store data and provide accountability if necessary. AIS LIMS is designed to meet these criteria.

AIS LIMS software can be utilised by any size of laboratory, ranging from small, local companies to large, international organisations. Currently AIS LIMS is installed throughout a number of industries and laboratories and supports the analysis of over one million samples annually across multiple sites.

AIS LIMS laboratory software is highly configurable and versatile with optional modules for Financial (Quotes, Contract Rates and Invoicing), Auto approval and Auto reporting, Instrument interfacing, AQC, Stability scheduling, Breaches and Data Reporting. The Data Reporting module is used to allow report generation for specific requirements such as AGS4 for example.

For further information about AIS LIMS Software solutions please call +44 (0) 1531 828930 or alternatively email marketing@ais-lims.com.

Customer Quotes

Nicholls Colton James Gane

We’re relatively new to the AIS LIMS software as it was installed only six months ago. We will be continually expanding on our user capability over the next few months to get the most out of the software. Through usage we are identifying new...

SRUC Ths Scottish Agricultural College

The use of AIS LIMS at nine SAC laboratories plus all four Scottish Public Analyst laboratories and several contract analysis laboratories ensures that AIS maintains a strong presence in Scotland...

Mercian Science Jonathan Usher & Vicky Hall

We’ve been using the current AIS LIMS software for approximately 17 years, so we are very comfortable with the system and it forms the backbone of our processes. Our system has evolved with technical help from the support team at AIS and we work...

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