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LIMS Data And Reports Online

Perhaps you want to give your clients access to their LIMS data and reports via the web. AIS labPortal allows you to do just that. Paper copies of sample analyses needn’t be sent out in the post to customers. Using their unique login and security password, clients can access data from their computer, which is not only safer and less time consuming but also more environmentally friendly.

labPortal is a web based portal that securely stores your clients’ sample information and data in the cloud, allowing them to easily access it instantly from their own desktop, tablet or phone. The labPortal interface is 'inbox' style which is simple and easy to use with an enhanced query engine, conditional highlighting and Microsoft Excel export.

The software features a simple and easy to use sample registration form which allows users to pre-register samples online. Transcribing data is a time consuming and tedious activity. Using labPortal, you are able to import sample information automatically which prevents transcription errors and improves speed and accuracy. By registering samples online, you will have clear instructions of what is required by your client. Only work that has been registered through labPortal will be completed. This ensures resources are appropriately managed and distributed and aren’t wasted on analysis that isn’t necessary.

Another feature of labPortal is its results dashboard, updated in real time. This ensures clients have immediate access to their data and can utilise this once it has been approved for reporting. This is a huge time saving benefit, one which will reduce the chances of your client encountering project delays and failures. Certificates, reports, photos, spreadsheets and other such associated data can be stored alongside these results and can be easily exported by the client.

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Sample & Results

The 'Sample & Results' module provides an 'inbox' style interface where samples & results are ordered by the date they were uploaded. Users can search, drill down, page and export their sample & results.

One of the greatest features of the 'Samples & Results' modules is the representation of the data in the familiar 'samples down, results across' layout where a user can quickly scan a dataset seeking outliers and failures.

To further aid simple & fast identification of breached samples, highlight rules can be applied to highlight rows or cells different colours based on pre-configured rules.

All user searches are saved in the search history and can be saved into the search bar for quick and easy access.

  •  'Samples Down, Results Across' Grid
  •  Advanced Search
  •  Saved Searches
  •  Excel Export
  •  Sample Comments
  •  Sample Drill Down
  •  Sample Attachments
  •  Conditional Highlight Rules

Job or Batch?

Many laboratories work with samples via 'batches' or 'jobs'. This is no problem for labPortal, as we provide a simple 'Jobs/Batches' page where a user can search for their required data and drill straight down into the 'Sample & Results' view.

Similar to the 'Sample & Results' module the 'Jobs' module enables users to build rule based row or cell highlighting so that breaches or failures can be easily identified with a quick scan of the page.

The 'Jobs' module leverages our new simple search system that provides a Google like single text box for full text search. However, simple does not mean basic, with its advanced query operators the jobs search functionality has incredible power.

  •  Simple Search
  •  Conditional Highlight Rules
  •  Sample Drill Down

Certificates & Reports

labPortal has the capability to host and process multiple types of documents that a laboratory might want to associate with your samples and results. labPortal provides a simple search, navigation and pagination with secure download of your documents.

  •  Simple Search
  •  PDF Certificates & Reports
  •  MS Excel Reports
  •  MS Word Reports
  •  Photos & Pictures

Orders Module

The greatest value for any laboratory is digitising the full data management of the sample submission process. The labPortal solution offers an ecommerce style user experience where a user can build a basket of samples that get submitted to the laboratory for processing.

  •  New Samples, Batch or Job
  •  Dynamic Look Ups
  •  Saved Batches
  •  Pending Batches
  •  Submitted Batches
  •  Barcode Receipt
  •  Email Confirmation
  •  Multi-User Access

Desktop, Tablet & Mobile Access

Give your customers access to their data from any device, anywhere.

  •  Desktop
  •  Tablet
  •  Mobile

Customer Quotes

Nicholls Colton James Gane

We’re relatively new to the AIS LIMS software as it was installed only six months ago. We will be continually expanding on our user capability over the next few months to get the most out of the software. Through usage we are identifying new...

The Environmental Laboratory Ltd John Wilson - Operations Manager

We installed LIMS from AIS in 2014 and have experienced increased efficiency from day one. Streamlining processes using LIMS ensures we not only process samples more quickly but with less errors too! Key Performance indicators (KPI) have now been...

SRUC Ths Scottish Agricultural College

The use of AIS LIMS at nine SAC laboratories plus all four Scottish Public Analyst laboratories and several contract analysis laboratories ensures that AIS maintains a strong presence in Scotland...

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