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Why Choose AIS Ltd

Expert Laboratory Information Management System Software

There are a number of companies UK-wide offering laboratory information management system software. So why choose us? What makes us stand out from the others?

AIS have 30+ years of experience successfully creating practical solutions for a wide range of customers from various industries. Our dedicated team of staff are friendly and approachable and will go the extra mile to ensure your satisfaction. The majority also come from lab testing/management backgrounds, which ensures they understand what it’s like from a client's perspective to use a laboratory information management system software in practice. The team work extremely hard to ensure the LIMS solution is of the highest quality and fulfils the customers’ needs and expectations. AIS are passionate about the solutions we provide - your success really is our success.

We have been praised on many occasions for our excellent delivery of engaging and detailed interactive training sessions. Training is performed using your LIMS system configuration and can be delivered on-site, off-site at AIS, or remotely on dates and times that are convenient for the attendees. Training sessions are accompanied by guides and videos which ensure the users are able to take full advantage of the system's capabilities.

Through the successful implementation of our laboratory information management system software, the use of customised training material and specialised technical support services, we ensure a seamless transition from your previous setup to the new LIMS software. This allows the lab to continue with its scheduled workload, minimising costly downtime or loss in throughput while the new solution is installed and validated. 

Our LIMS solutions are easy to operate, use and maintain. They can be integrated with third-party software and instruments and allow the inexperienced user to enter data into the system quickly and accurately thus limiting the opportunity for errors and mistakes. AIS LIMS includes a 'report' designer which allows the user to set up a report style and layout dependent upon the purpose of the report.

AIS are keen to support customers with innovative ideas and a passion for research and development. We encourage continual improvement and customer feedback. We embrace customers who push the limits of their LIMS, thus challenging us to develop and improve our products.

For more information about LIMS solutions from AIS Ltd call +44 (0) 1531 828930 or email marketing@ais-lims.com.

Customer Quotes

Hampshire Scientific Service Shayne Dyer - Technical Manager & Public Analyst

We’ve had our AIS LIMS system since 2000 and it’s an integral part of our processes. As well as helping to accurately record samples with multiple users, it also helps us track our samples, showing how long it is taking. Reports are highly...

Glasgow Scientific Tracy Macbeth - Laboratory Manager

Glasgow Scientific Services, one of the largest Local Authority Public Analyst Services in the UK, has been using AIS LIMS since 2000, processing some 30,000 diverse sample types every year. The initial capital investment in moving to AIS LIMS was...

Tata Global Beverages Dr. Andrea Petronda

I found AIS extremely professional. They were able to design and implement a fantastic LIMS which has greatly improved our sample turnaround time. The staff were very helpful and accommodating, willing to offer advice and solutions. AIS have...

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