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Efficient Learning

Training is provided by our excellent team of professionals, who between them have over 50 years experience in different laboratory roles across various industries.  This means they are able to understand the needs of your laboratory and can deliver suitable and practical training sessions tailored to you and your LIMS.

Prior to training, a member of the team will assess your team’s training requirements. We're then able to customise suitable training package based around your exact requirements and needs.

Our training is designed to show you how your LIMS works by either delivering it live on your LIMS or a replica maintained by AIS. The benefit of this is that you can see and interact with the configuration that you will be using when going live, rather than a vanilla version. The training is interactive and engaging and we encourage group participation, questions and discussion.

Training is usually delivered by Microsoft Teams nowadays, in sessions lasting no longer than 2 hours due to attention spans tending to wain after that! This also gives your trainees some time to test their knowledge and ask questions via the Project board or our Ticket system before moving onto the next subject. For a new LIMS, the training is typically over 10 sessions but can be more if you have taken up some or all of our additional modules. Training can be given at your premises or our main office, but that does tend to be very heavy going and doesn't allow your staff to gradually pick up the knowledge they need, hence the Teams sessions being our default training style. 

All training given whether you're a new client or existing is recorded, with the sessions made available for all participants to download and store for future reference. Copies are maintained at AIS in case they are needed again in the future. The training is designed for what we call Super Users and LIMS Administrators, with Super Users attending training for the core system and then specific sessions for their area and the LIMS Admin attending all training sessions.

Typically, a client taking on a new LIMS will identify someone from each department that will use the LIMS, i.e. Sample Registration, Laboratory Testing, Reporting etc, who would be designated as the Super User for those areas. In addition to this, at least 1 person from the company would be trained as a LIMS Administrator, with the idea being that this person would have a good overall knowledge of the LIMS, including advanced functions, the ability to develop existing or new Report Formats, troubleshoot data related problems, handle periodic updates etc. 

Periodic refresher training can be arranged if and when required. Refresher training boosts the self-confidence and morale of your employees and is a great opportunity for repeated issues and problems to be addressed. A member of our team will organise time to discuss with you what refresher training is required before putting together a suitable refresher training package.

For more information about LIMS solutions from AIS Ltd call +44 (0) 1531 828930 or email marketing@ais-lims.com.

Customer Quotes

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