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AIS LIMS Designed To Support Data Integrity

Analytical Information Systems LTD (AIS) based in Gloucestershire, are keen to reinforce their talent in the marketplace for providing software that complies with the stringent demands of their customers’ accrediting bodies.

A Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS) is a software developed to enable the user to more easily organise and display data to its best advantage whilst maintaining data integrity.  AIS report that their customers use of it in the laboratories, has led to significantly enhanced throughput, improved efficiency and a reduction in overheads.  They have developed their LIMS as a multi-faceted system that automates Quality Control, ensures accuracy and precision and delineates audit trails which, in turn, offers steadfast accountability.   

Michelle Idiens, Operations Director at AIS LTD, has an intimate knowledge of the rigorous processes that their customers experience as a result of Compliance requisites.  Having spent much of her professional life in large laboratories, and as a LIMS user, Michelle is keenly aware of the necessity for Data Integrity.   Fundamentally, she states “Having AIS LIMS gave me the reassurance that my reports met the requirements specified by the appropriate accreditation bodies, with the additional advantage that, AIS LIMS saved time and money”. Asked how AIS is able to provide such a thorough service, she reports that at the design phase - “One to one consultation with the customer is integral to the delivery of a sound system that underpins Data Integrity and Compliance requirements.” 

The team at AIS have vast experience in designing strategies that withstand the scrutiny of such giants as the FDA and internationally embraced ISO Certifications, notwithstanding British standards like UKAS and MCERTS accreditation.

They are currently celebrating their 25th year in business and are looking ahead as the business actively drives development of their LIMS toward an optimum spec that provides efficiency and cost effectiveness.   

To find out more about AIS LIMS please visit our website www.ais-lims.com.  If you would like to discuss your requirements you can also email sales@ais-lims.com or telephone +44 (0)1531 828930.


Posted by Leigh on 28-Feb-2017)

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